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Construction Law

The McIntosh Law Firm's construction law practice focuses largely on collection matters for the construction industry. We can help individuals, general contractors, and subcontractors as well as construction material and equipment suppliers in both North Carolina and South Carolina.

Why should I hire an attorney to help?

There are many federal and state laws that must be followed when filing a claim of lien and collecting debts. The same holds true for defending claims. The complexities of these statutes make it important that you have legal representation to ensure the specific rules, regulations and laws required for collection are followed, otherwise, you may limit your ability to recover the full amount owed or not recover at all. Likewise, as an owner, general contractor or subcontractor, you may have a legal basis for challenging a collection claim, but may lose your rights because you simply do not know what to do or how to respond to the claim.
We can help with the following:
  • Filing and perfecting claims of lien on funds and claims of lien on real property
  • Defending against claims of lien
  • Collection of commercial accounts for contractors and suppliers
  • Interpretation and adherence to the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, the North Carolina Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the South Carolina Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Collection litigation in both state and federal courts
  • Negotiation of collections claims and drafting of settlement agreements
  • Attending arbitrations, whether voluntary or mandatory per contract

Regardless of the claim or stage of litigation, our goal is to resolve disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible, whether representing contractors, owners, debtors or creditors.


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