So Your Child Is 18. Now What?

Most of us like to say “Age ain’t nothin’ but a number,” but most 18-year-olds, and their parents, beg to differ. For parents, their children turning 18 is more than just another birthday. It is a milestone that marks your child’s first steps into legal majority. It also marks the beginning of your child’s semi-automatic […]

When Does An Email Become A Contract?

In 2000, 12 billion emails were sent per day. By 2016, that number skyrocketed to 215.3 billion. Email has become the primary means of communication in business because it is immediate and easy. It has surpassed the telephone and almost made facsimiles obsolete. With the every increasing frequency of emails, it is important to know […]

Is A Handshake Enough? Understanding Written and Oral Agreements

We see handshakes every day exchanged between strangers, acquaintances, business associates, politicians, world leaders, adversaries, and friends. It can convey different emotions or messages such as hospitality, respect, or congratulations. Many successful negotiations, whether they involve peace treaties, land deals or neighborhood wagers begin and end with a handshake. But in the business context, is […]