So What Exactly IS Title Insurance Anyway?

You see it on the engagement letter from your closing attorney or on your Closing Disclosure Form from your lender – “Title Insurance…..$200.” So what exactly IS title insurance … what purpose does it serve? Simply put, title insurance is an insurance policy that protects against your loss should the condition of the title to […]

Tis the Season … What is your New Year’s Resolution?

Get my “ducks” in a row? Lose weight; Eat healthier; Save money; Get organized What will you accomplish in 2017?  Is making a Will at the top of the list?  Probably not, but you know you need to do it. It has been in the back of your mind for years now. Your financial advisor […]

Better Options for Property “Takings” by Government

It is no secret that there are many upcoming road projects in our area.  You would have to be blind not to see that we need roads in the North Mecklenburg and South Iredell area.  The unfortunate, but necessary, land acquisitions that accompany those projects present a very difficult and emotional conflict between landowners and […]

Don’t Rely On Do-It-Yourself Legal Advice

A Legal Well-Check Should Be On Your “To Do” List Seeing an attorney is not very high on the average person’s “To Do” list. In fact, most people rarely think of an attorney unless it is part of the punch line of a good joke or there is an immediate issue, such as a speeding […]

Are Your Business Interests Protected? Corporations vs. LLCs

Protections available to majority and minority business owners can vary greatly, depending if your business is a corporation or an LLC. It’s crucial to understand these differences when you are starting a business, so you can plan properly and minimize potential problems down the road. The differences between corporations and LLCs are shown starkly in […]

Avoiding Family Chaos With A Living Will And A Health Care Power Of Attorney

Execute a living will and a health care power of attorney now and avoid stress and struggles between family members at the end of your life. The state of North Carolina recognizes an individual’s right to a peaceful and natural death. A patient or a patient’s representative has the fundamental right to control the decisions […]

Take Control After A Car Accident

One minute you are driving down the highway on your way to spending a long-awaited vacation with your family at the beach. Next thing you know, a distracted driver has crashed into your car. The entire back end of your car is smashed in, your glass windows are shattered on the pavement, and your family is […]

Non-Compete Agreements: Do Not Overreach

As a business lawyer, I’m often asked about non-compete covenants or agreements. If you are selling a business, or if you provide specialized training, trade secrets, client lists, or other confidential information to employees, you have a need to protect your investment. Businesses often use covenants not to compete to help provide this protection. Courts historically looked […]

Why And How Do We “Judge The Judges?”

Let’s start with the easy part for us as voters. In North Carolina, appellate judges are selected by popular election in a non-partisan (no Democrats or Republicans) statewide campaign. Typically, they are listed on the ballot separately from other political candidates. Now, there are many ways to choose judges, and many opinions about the best […]

When You Really Want To Keep A Secret – The Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 (DTSA)

The United States Congress this year has enacted, and the President has signed into law, the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 (DTSA). The DTSA expands significantly on the protections in The Uniform Trade Secrets Protection Act, North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 66 Article 24. More importantly, the DTSA contains certain requirements that affect all […]