George is a North Carolina native with decades of experience in civil litigation and mediation. His experience of more than forty years provides individuals with creative thinking and ways to settle their disputes without a judge and/or jury.

Phone: 704-892-1699 x223

George Cunningham’s legal career began in 1975 as an Attorney in private practice in Wilkesboro, NC. He later became a Principal/Partner in his firm. In 2008, George joined the legal department of a local Fortune 50® Company with retail locations in all fifty states, Canada and Mexico. When he retired in 2015, George served as VP-AcGC of the litigation teams for employment, commercial and risk. He has since returned to the private sector and concentrates his practice on mediation. George Cunningham provides a unique perspective and service to the people of North Carolina by assisting attorneys and individuals with cost-efficient, creative, and caring approaches to conflict resolution and settlement facilitation in many types of disputes.